Vilas and Apartments for rent

About Us

I have been in the property management business for 27 years, of which 19 years i have been running my own business. I manage properties in the area of Praia da Luz and Lagos.
My purpose is to offer a personal service to each owner according to each ones requirement.

My management consists on the following points:

1. Payments: Of water, electricity, gás and other bills regarding the actual household.

2. Garden Service: It’s sometimes difficult to generalise the costs of garden maintenance because it depends on the amount of work that is required.

3. Swimming Pools: The cost depends on the size of the swimming - pool and whether it is heated or not.

4. Maid/Laundry – Service: There are various ways:

  • You can have, an all year round maid or just on a 6 months basis. In this situation, the maid will be responsible for all the house duties and laundry. In this situation, wage is 3calculate on numbers of hours required p /week + Social Security.
  • Another situation is a maid that is paid by the hour.
  • The last situation is an open situation, where the owner can give his suggestion, like an agreement on the number of hours he is prepared to pay p/month.
- Laundry: When there is no permanent maid, linen is taken to a Laundry service.

5. Maintenance: Can organise any kind of repair: plumbing, electrician, builder, cleaning drain, technician for poolheating /poolpump /air con, assistance to any kind of electric equipment.